A reminder that the Mosman Rider will stop operating on 30 June. If you have difficulty accessing public transport, you may benefit from a new Mosman Council transport service. Please go to mosman.nsw.gov.au/AtoB for more information. Conditions apply.

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The free Mosman Rider App is available in the Apple App Store & the Android Market

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SMS 0459 667 616

SMS a blank text to 0459 667 616 and get a return text telling you when the bus will reach its next waypoint

Connect with Sydney Buses

To find out when your connecting STA bus will arrive, text the bus stop number to 0488 TXTBUS (0488 898 287)

TXTBUS service

The Mosman Rider hours of operation differentiate between winter and summer.

The winter operating times are from 9am–1pm and 2pm–4pm and operate from May to September. Between October and April. the summer schedule operates, providing an extra 2 hours of operation each day and extending the finishing time to 6pm.

Timetables are available on the Rider and at the Civic Centre and from selected council offices. You can also download the latest timetable here.


Whether shopping, eating out or simply sightseeing the Mosman Rider is a great way to enjoy all Mosman has to offer.

The new Rider route winds through Mosman’s hilly streets from Beauty Point to Taronga Zoo, and Spofforth Street to George’s Heights. It travels past the Art Gallery, Civic Centre and Library as well as providing spectacular harbour views and access to some of Mosman’s best kept secrets. Linking in with many of the area’s foreshore walks, the Rider also provides stress-free access to beautiful harbour beaches, such as family favourite, Balmoral.

Hailing the bus couldn’t be easier. Find a spot on the route where the bus can stop legally and safely, preferably a bus stop, and signal the driver.

Let the driver know where you want to be dropped along the route and the driver will find a safe, legal place as close as possible.

For your safety strollers must be packed down and placed flat in the bus.

Finding the Rider a bit more than you can manage? You may be eligible for Mosman Community Transport. Phone 9978 4120 for more information.

The Mosman Rider is proudly provided by Mosman Council.

How do I catch the bus?

Find somewhere along the Rider route where the bus can safely and legally stop. When you see the bus approaching, hold your arm out and the driver will stop for you. Make sure you are visible as the driver has to watch the traffic as well as keeping an eye out for people who are trying to hail the bus. The Rider can stop in Sydney Bus bus stops to pick up and drop off passengers.

How do I tell the driver where I want to get off the bus?

You can either tell the driver when you get on, or sing out when the bus approaches your destination. Please understand that the driver can only stop where it is safe and legal to do so, and might need to drop you off a short way before or after your precise stopping place.

Does the Rider bus have bus stops?

No, it doesn’t have dedicated bus stops, but is allowed to stop to pick up or drop off passengers at Sydney Bus stops.

What is the Rider route?

The Rider travels in a figure of eight loop through Mosman and takes in Taronga Zoo, Bridgepoint Shopping Centre, Mosman Junction, Georges Heights, Balmoral, Spit Junction, the Art Gallery and Community Centre, Library and Council Administration and the Avenue Road and Spofforth Street shops. It crosses Military Road at Cowles Road, Raglan Street and Gouldsbury/Upper Almora Streets, so connecting with Sydney Buses is easy. To see the route in detail view the map at the top of the page. Hard copies of the route are available at the Council, the Library and on the bus.

When will the Rider get to my stop?

The Rider does a full lap of Mosman once every hour. The timetable provides indicative times of travel, but traffic can affect running times. The best way to find out where the bus is, is to use one of the Apps available from the Apple App Store for iPhones or iPads or Google Play for Android phones, or go online to mosmanrider.net. These will all give you live travelling times.

What is the Winter Timetable?

From 1 May to 30 September the Rider runs from 9am-1pm and 2pm-4pm.

What is the Summer Timetable?

From 1 October to 30 April, the Rider runs from 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm.

I’ve left something on the bus. Who can I contact?

Please phone the Customer Service Line on 9427 8533, or email info@northsydneybuscharters.com.au.

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